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12 Strong UV or iTunes Code


4.0 out of 5 stars Great Interaction between Hemsworth's Character and the General, and the Last Scene was Awesome!

Action Movie Review (7.5/10) "Good" (spoiler free) 12 Strong

Director: Nicholos Fuglsig

Writers: Ted Tally, Peter Craig

Based on the book by Doug Stanton

Starring: Chris Hemsworth (Mitch Nelson), Michael Shannon (Hal Spencer), Navid Negahban (General Dostum)


After the attack on the World Trade Center by Al Qaeda, America sends 12 green berets deep into Afghanistan territory on a covert mission to cripple Al Qaeda's presence in Afghanistan.


Aside from his Thor movies, I haven't really felt that Hemsworth has been able to fully show off his acting abilities and I am glad to say that since this movie is told from the perspective of the character he is portraying that he gets to show a wide range of abilities in this movie based on an actual person. Even though the movie is called 12 Strong, the movie mainly focused on Nelson and how his actions (sometimes even inaction) affected his team of green berets as well as the platoon of Afghanistans that he is there to help beat the Taliban. Before America invaded Afghanistan with tanks, air raids, and an army, they covertly sent a small group of 12 men to help the local Afghanistan forces overtake the Taliban; and this was no small feat as there were many complications involved in this campaign.

Hemsworth delivered a great performance as we explore his home life before he went off to combat and the movie took the time to develop his character throughout the movie. His interactions with the local Afghanistan General Dostum were probably some of the best scenes in the movie as it showed how different each culture viewed warfare, and it was fun seeing both actors play off one another. Unfortunately characters in Nelson's squad, save Shannon's character, serve mostly as nameless NPC's who shoot and act upon Nelson's orders. I wanted to spend more time with the other characters in his squad too because it seemed like they had a story to tell. Maybe the studio will release an extended cut of the film someday because I wanted to see more from Michael Pena's character as well as his teammates.

It's not a perfect war movie, but it's main character and his interactions with the locals as well as the frantic combat scenes made this movie a fun movie for me. It didn't explore enough of the politics of Al Qaeda or the Afghanistan people, but what they did show in the movie were interesting and eye opening. Also, the last battle in the movie is one of the best war scenes I have seen in a long time and if you like war movies I recommend you check it out.

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