13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi HD Ultraviolet UV Code

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi HD Ultraviolet UV Code
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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Ultraviolet Code

Michael Bay honors an Act of Valor at Benghazi

Format: Digital Ultraviolet Code

I served 14 years in military medicine: active duty , active reserves , called up for medical support for Operation Desert Storm. My family has served in 4 wars over 3 generations. Call it fate, bad timing, patriotism, putting it on the line for your nation and beliefs in supporting freedom domestic and abroad. I have met Rangers, SEAL team members, Marine Recon members, over the years in uniform. This is a well done realistic film of their "Shadow World". This film is not a political statement, look on 13 hours as a documentary of a real incident that happened and what it takes to defend Americans and U.S. property abroad. My wife went with me the second time I saw this film and she liked the movie. I thought the combat would be too harsh to see through her eyes , however she was OK with the story line of a sudden attack on an embassy at Benghazi.

Michael Bay does not point fingers at anyone for what went wrong, instead he focuses on the drive of the operators protection team to make things right and protect an "Ambo" trying to unify a nation's people and his state dept. team. The attack spills over to their CIA site nearby and they are in a fight for their lives. John Krasinski is the new guy on the team, who was active duty with the team leader Rone. He emerges back into his world of former active duty stints, leaving his family to do his job.

You see the dangerous world around them on their drives through the streets of Libya. Identifying the bad guys is a difficult task at best, identifying their local military support units is just as trying. The introduction piece reminded me of Black Hawk Down, on any street corner a battle could erupt at a moments notice. The men some how have the comfort and ability to navigate through this chaos. You get a glimpse of what makes these warriors tick, function in battle, lean on each other for support in time of war.

Wouldn't you want these men there for you if you were working overseas? Michael Bay also shows the clash over decision making that happens between the CIA chief and team leader Rone. Conversations get heated when the attack occurs outside their annex in the shadows. When the dust settles, the CIA personnel have respect for their security team desperately working at protecting them and their office. This seems to be a blending of Argo, Black Hawk Down, and Zero Dark Thirty. That is what makes this film interesting, 6 men rising up in crisis; they definitely earn their combat pay. Lives are saved by super human effort. Ignore the media reviews and keep it simple....... the movie is based on a book about men who make a difference.