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21 & Over DVD Movie | Justin Chon | Sarah Wright
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21 & Over DVD Movie

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21 & Over DVD Movie

From the writers of The Hangover comes a reckless and raunchy comedy 21 years in the making! On the day before a critical med school interview, straight-A college student Jeff Chang (Justin Chong, Twilight) gets a surprise visit from his two best buds (Skylar Astin, Pitch Perfect and Miles Teller, Project X) to celebrate his 21st birthday.

In no mood to party, Jeff finally agrees to a single drink, which quickly leads to an over-the-top, out-of-control night filled with epic beer pong, smoking hot coeds...and one angry buffalo. Can Jeff's friends get their plastered pal cleaned up in time for his morning appointment? It's worth a shot!


Justin Chon Sarah Wright Director

Jon Lucas Scott Moore
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