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47 Meters Down HD Ultraviolet UV Code
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47 Meters Down HD Ultraviolet UV Code

4.0 out of 5 stars Much better than expected! By Paul Allaer TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on July 24, 2017

"47 Meters Down" (2016 release from the UK) brings the story of Lisa and Kate. As the movie opens, the two are playing in the hotel pool somewhere in Mexico. We learn quickly that they are sisters, with Lisa rebounding from a bad breakup. Egged on by two Mexican guys/romantic interests after a night of partying, the girls decide to go out and do some shark-seeing in a shark-safe cage. Soon they are down in the water, and trouble finds them quickly... To tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: first, this is the latest horror movie from British writer-director Johannes Roberts, best known in the US for the recent "The Other Side of the Door". In fact, in the opening credits, the movie is billed as "Johannes Roberts' 47 Meters Down". Second, it is of course a "shark attack" movie, is the same vein as, say, the recent "The Shallows". I don't know this for a fact, and I assume that these sharks were not real, but let me tell you: they sure look REAL. Just terrifying. Third, the movie is much more than a "shark attack" movie. In fact it is as much a "race against time" movie (due to the limited oxygen supply).

The movie benefits quite a bit from the fact that much of it plays out in real time. The movie's claustrophobic feel, due to the low visibility and playing out in/near the cage for a good chunk of the movie, only adds to the tension (as if we need yet more tension!). Fourth, Mandy Moore and Claire Holt are okay in the lead roles, but let's be honest, that's not why we're watching the movie! Keeping in mind this movie has been sitting on the shelves for a year, I had low expectations going in that this would be any good. Boy, was I wrong! In fact, I feel that this is a better movie than last year's "The Shallows". If you like this type of film, I'm quite certain you will enjoy it quite a bit.

The movie opened wide in the second half of June. The weekday evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was very well attended, overwhelmingly by teenage kids in fact. (The movie has outperformed all expectations at the box office.)

Listening from the screams and yells that came from the audience (including myself), it seems this movie delivered right on its premise (cue: the movie's poster) and promises. Worth checking out, be it in the theater (unlikely at this point), on Amazon Instant Video, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray.