All Eyez On Me HD Ultraviolet UV Code

All Eyez On Me HD Ultraviolet UV Code
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All Eyez On Me Ultraviolet Code

Top customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Makaveli the Don By Daniel Kauschon June 18, 2017

I am one of the biggest 2pac/Tupac/Makaveli fans ever and this movie was SENSATIONAL. If you watch in theaters you are guaranteed to see at least one person having a party.

I was skeptical of the director's intentions after seeing them on the Breakfast Club shortly before the release.....but I must say they did an EXCEPTIONAL job putting together all of the ALL TRUE scenes,.....that even a huge 2pac fan like me was like "Woah! I can't believe that happened like that!". On top of that, it is in chronological order; making each scene transition wonderfully into the next. The actor looks damn near like 2pac(especially in Pac's older years).

The only weakness is Shipps actual portrayal of some of 2pac's most famous recorded scenes such as the courthouse interview and Deathrow east interview. His voice did not compare to the BOOM of 2pac's. But hey, he did a pretty damn good job.

Lots of swearing, violence, and promiscuity, so please don't let kids watch this film.