Ballers Season 3 HD UV VUDU Code

Ballers Season 3 HD UV VUDU Code
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Ballers Season 3 Ultraviolet Code


5.0 out of 5 stars I don't even watch football; never have and probably never will.

This show is not about football... it just happens to be about football. I don't even watch football; never have and probably never will. With all the 'thugs' that get the spotlight in professional football, people forget about all the amazing people and players that make it happen as a career, that show up, day after day, year after year. This show exposes, just a peak, into a complex and exciting world that most of us will never be exposed to, and they do a good job.

I am a business owner of 16 years. I once was a special operations ground combat commander (twice) in the early days of Afghanistan (among other things for 14 years)... and I played 10 years of football, ending my 'career' in Charger's Stadium, under the lights, in front of a crowd of about 20k people... and we won the biggest game, against our oldest rival, after losing non-stop for 8 of those 10 years. As a straight human male, I have only two 'man crushes': Tom Selleck and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Tom Selleck because of Magnum PI and 'The Rock' sealed the deal because of this show. It is professional. It is emotional. It is gritty. And to me, it feels 'oh so real'. I admit I love the T and A. I admit, I love the struggle of trying to good in a world that 'seems' to not care at best, and is 'out to destroy you, at worst.

I admit, that I want to know, that people like 'The Rock's' character, Spencer, is actually out there, fighting the good fight. I love it, because I identify with it... and I think the beauty of the show is that many people will also be able to identify with it on some level. It is 'un-cultured'.

It is 'elite'. It swears way too much, but deep down, I feel the love. I love this show. I hope you will too.

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