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Baywatch HD Ultraviolet UV Code
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Baywatch Ultraviolet Code

4.0 out of 5 starsFor a remake it was a nice surprise. IGNORE THOSE NEGATIVE COMMENTS. By V. K. Manglaveras on June 7, 2017

I really enjoyed this one and I can't understand the negative reviews. ok so it had flaws and it wasn't as good as the original series were as it's a remake but still it's BAYWATCH = HOT SEXY WOMEN, HOT MEN, ACTION AND A FEW LAUGHS. this remake had all those stuff but most important u can relate to the cast like u were related with the original series cast. the new mitch is not david but still duane is a recognizable figure. the new c.j was gorgeous as the new summer chick and the love story between the new nerd recruit and C.J was all the money.

the movie was more of a comedy rather than a serious Baywatch film but all in all it was a success. I was a huge Baywatch fan and I own all 11 seasons in dvd and I watch the show every summer vacations. after the negative reviews I read I went to watch the film expecting the worst especially after I watched that HORRIBLE TRAILER. Fortunately the movie was a nice surprise. those fools gathered the worst scenes of the movie and made that auful trailer. fortunately the bad scenes were not the majority of the movie.

maybe the only real issue I had was the confusion of the new mitch and the new c.j parker since david and pamela were also shown in the movie and even we had a scene in which DAVID ASKS DUANE HOW HE WAS GIVEN THE ROLE WHEN HE (david) WAS THE REAL MITCH FOR NEARLY.....20 YEARS........LOL ?

Once again....the movie was nothing like the old show BUT it's good enough to spend a good time and hope there is a sequel soon.

GRADE // 7 OUT OF 10.