The Bible Collection Samson And Delilah DVD

The Bible Collection Samson And Delilah DVD
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A Betrayal That Brings Down An Empire - An Etches Two Names In History.

While the children of Israel suffer under the Philistines, an angel appears to an aging woman. "You will conceive a son," he tells her. "And he will grow stronger than a hundred men. He is the Lord's gift, chosen to begin the liberation of your people from the Philistine." That son was the Biblical hero Samson.

Nicolas Roeg (The Man Who Fell to Earth) directs a distinguished cast including Dennis Hopper, Diana Rigg, Michael Gambon, Eric Thal and Elizabeth Hurley in a gripping story of faith and deception. Samson terrorizes his peoples' oppressors until Delilah, a treacherous Philistine beauty, enthralls him. She cuts off his hair, the secret to his strength. His enemies blind him, chain him and put him on show. But slowly his hair grows back. With his phenomenal strength restored, Samson is ready to exact a fearsome vengeance.

Cast & Crew

Actors: Dennis Hopper Elizabeth Hurley Diana Rigg Michael Gambon Eric Thal

Writers: Allan Scott

Producers: Lorenzo Minoli

Directors: Nicolas Roeg

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