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Boss Baby Ultraviolet / iTunes Code

Fascinating way to blend fantasy and reality & keep

you guessing about what's real; Alec Baldwin does the character really well

By Christopher Schwinger on April 1, 2017

What a crazy movie! The Boss Baby bends your expectations about whether the namesake character is imagined by the boy or whether it’s a fantasy that truly takes itself seriously. I admit I was really confused about the movie’s intent until the very end, and then it all made beautiful sense to me, which could be why Alec Baldwin told Jimmy Kimmel this movie is his Citizen Kane, a passion project with a lot of depth to it. Kimmel voices the dad. At first the movie seems like a Calvin and Hobbes imaginary reality for the boy, with the parents not understanding the boy’s imagination. But then I also wondered whether a boy of age 7 could come up with the craziness of the Boss Baby’s plans, and the movie didn’t make sense until the end—and it was a beautiful ending. I felt the same way about A Dog’s Purpose recently, understanding at the very end just why the film had to go through all its seemingly meaningless pathways. The character known as the Boss Baby, voiced perfectly by Alec Baldwin, tells the boy he needs to carry out a mission for his “Baby Corp” company in order to advance his position there, by preventing a massive increase in puppies, which compete with babies for parents’ love.

There’s not a great amount of relationship development between the Boss Baby and the boy, except that they work together and spar humorously with each other because the Boss Baby needs the boy’s help to finish the mission, threatening to otherwise keep living at the boy’s house forever. There are some humorous references to the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the board game “Mouse Trap” in one of the late scenes in the movie. Also, isn't it funny that Alec Baldwin plays the Boss Baby with small hands and also likes to impersonate Donald Trump, whose small hands used to make him (Trump) insecure?

It’s really a wacky movie, and I think it probably will appeal to most people who like The Lego Movie, because it’s about doing crazy things with your imagination and then finishing with a crazy twist ending that explains why the story seemed so messed up—but actually WASN’T messed up.

Contrast that with those movies like Allied (2016 WWII dramatic thriller with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard) which end so disappointingly after setting you up to hope for a good ending. I can’t give away anything about the meaningful theme of “The Boss Baby”, because that would involve revealing the special ending. But it’s really quite worthwhile, and ultimately a heartwarming film. I give it 4 stars for being pretty substantial in the takeaway theme, and it would’ve gotten 5 if it had a little more character development.

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