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Concussion HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

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Concussion HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

This is a fantastic movie, and the gripes of the people who disagree seem petty or outright fake. Most take aim at Smith directly, or hint at a sub par story without really mentioning why it was done poorly. The movie covered a lot of material, and I think it did it very well. The plot of the movie is no secret. You get the gist of the plot from the premise of the movie; NFL tries to cover up health risks of football, and a guy finds out the risks and exposes them. It's all in the trailer, and all of this was in the news at one point, and it's all on Wikipedia. This movie just tries to tell the story to a wider audience, and it does so exceedingly well. Another gripe I saw was that someone thought the documentary on the subject was more informative. That's great; what are they going to tell us next, that a potato is a potato? Show of hands, who in their right mind thinks that a movie made for entertainment is more educational than a documentary meant to inform?

If you look at other Smith movies (even extending to those with his son Jaden in them, who they always, without fail, compare to his father) I think you'll notice a similar trend; people gripe about nonsense, and usually say something bad about Smith, or they're looking for something to complain about. Anyone can find anything in any movie to complain about; it isn't hard. But what kind of people watch movies just to complain about them? Apparently Will Smith "fans" do. Because almost all of his movies are great, and they're all rated slightly lower than they should be, because a chunk of people seem to get on to every single one of his (and even his kids) movies and bash them. Take The Karate Kid remake with his son in it. Great movie. Any other movie that good would have been a 4.5 star movie. Nope. People got to get on and bash Jaden Smith. 4 stars. This movie? Should be a 4.5 star movie, easily. But what is it? 4 stars. It just goes to show that a majority of the people haven't lost their minds, but the few who have, the random Smith haters, rate it lower.

Trust me, if you want a great story with great acting and get the movie.

If you want just the information and don't want a story, why are you buying a movie? There's a documentary.

But I'm assuming that, since you're in the movie section looking at a movie, you probably want a movie. So I very highly recommend this movie; it's great,

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