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Contraband Blu-ray Movie USED | Mark Wahlberg | Kate Beckinsale
Contraband Blu-ray Movie (USED)Zoom

Contraband Blu-ray Movie (USED)

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Cast & Crew: Contraband Blu-ray Movie USED

Actors: • Mark Wahlberg • Kate Beckinsale • J.K. Simmons • Giovanni Ribisi • Ben Foster • Caleb Landry Jones

Writers: • Aaron Guzikowski

Producers: • Mark Wahlberg • Tim Bevan • Eric Fellner • Baltasar Kormakur • Stephen Levinson

Directors: • Baltasar Kormakur

Contraband Blu-ray Movie USED

This job should be a piece of cake: former smuggler Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) gets dragged back into the game in order to make things right with a nasty New Orleans gangster (Giovanni Ribisi) over a debt owed by Chris's brother-in-law. So, Chris needs to smuggle in some goods on a cargo ship from Panama, pay the guy off, and return to a suburban life on the straight and narrow. No problem, right? What's fun about Contraband is that despite its hero's meticulous planning, all hell breaks loose in Panama City, where nothing goes as planned and where the cargo ship is, after all, due to disembark at a certain time, with or without him. Based on the Icelandic film Reykjavík-Rotterdam, this movie is full of stock characters and rancid dialogue, but the plot is so kicky and wild, it almost doesn't matter, at least for as long as the movie is on screen.

Director Baltasar Kormákur (he produced the original film and directed the entertaining 101 Reykjavík) pumps up the action nicely, although the actors are on their own: Wahlberg contributes his customary solid center, which a movie like this needs, but Kate Beckinsale has nothing to do as his wife, and Ribisi and Ben Foster emote with reckless abandon. No one will mistake it for a classic, but Contraband has enough zip, and a few genuine surprises, to qualify it as a fun diversion. --Robert Horton
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