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Deadpool HD Ultraviolet UV or iTUNES Code

I went with my two buddies to the 7:00pm showing last night, and it was amazing. We didn't get any Chimichanga's beforehand, but we did polish off a few Mike's Harder Lemonade's with Deadpool on the can in preparation. Everything about this film is exactly what you want for a movie theater experience, great action, lots of humor, gore, sexy time stuff, Deadpool is top notch. Ryan Reynolds is better than ever, T.J. Miller almost isn't even needed as Weasel the comic relief, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus were great together, the villains Ajax and Angel worked as 2 dimensional villains and something for Mr. Pool to verbally spar with. We went into the theater knowing a decent amount about Deadpool and having read a bunch of the Daniel Way and Brian Posehn runs I knew I was gonna like this film, I just didn't know how hard I was going to love it. We all loved it, in the theater, laughter was lingering throughout the whole runtime, even into the credits (there's an end credit tag scene so stay through all the credits).

What's my favorite scene you ask? Hmm... Zamboni!! I also enjoyed the montage scenes, and the meta humor was great (tons of great disses on 20th Century Fox, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds himself). A lot of my favorite scenes took place on the freeway (bullet countdown was awesome), but I also really liked the love story parts as well, but my favorite scene is probably when Wade has to wait for his hand to grow back and has a weird baby hand, so damn funny! For a first time director of a feature film, Tim Miller knocked this out of the park. Really, everyone did. You could just tell this was a film that everyone working on it loves the character of Deadpool. This was the funniest movie I've seen in a long time, and the action was great and there's plenty of it. Also, boobs, and profanity... ooh! Even if you're not a fan of comic books or comic book movies and you at least like action comedies, you're gonna love Deadpool. This isn't your run of the mill comic book movie, not another boring origin story (at least not told in the typically boring manner) and my new favorite comic book film (ok, well it's tied with Guardians of the Galaxy and the 1989 Batman), I think this is something tons of people are going to enjoy. You don't have to know anything about Deadpool walking into this, you'll know what it's all about in the first 5 minutes. Deadpool comes FULLY APPROVED.

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