Dirty Grandpa Unrated HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

Dirty Grandpa Unrated HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code
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Dirty Grandpa Unrated HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

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Dirty Grandpa HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

1. Let me say right off the top, this movie will be hated by critics and will probably make many "Worst of 2016" lists at the end of the year. And if you hate this movie too, I honestly don't blame you. I understand.

2. I usually don't really like movies like this. I honestly only went to see it because I was interested in seeing what kind of a pair Zac Efron and Robert De Niro would make together. In a great surprise to me, I actually liked it.

3. Robert De Niro plays Richard, an old man whose wife just died. As an attempt at bonding with his estranged grandson Jason (Zac Efron), he coerces Jason to drive him to Florida. But Richard immediately turns into a lecherous, foul mouthed weirdo that Jason just can't handle.

4. For better or worse, this is De Niro's movie. Many people will be horrified that a Hollywood legend like De Niro would portray a character like this. Between you and me, I suspect this is behind a lot of the critics' hatred for this movie - it's "beneath" De Niro, even demeaning. I mean, his name equals Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, and Raging Bull, for God's sake. Not a raging pervert that does a Number 3 on screen.

But If De Niro was aware that people would disapprove, he sure doesn't show it. He plays Richard with insensitive glee, giving it his all. And honestly, he has to be a great actor to pull this role off.

5. Zac Efron holds his own well against De Niro. But just as important, he's a really good sport - he gets made fun of a lot for his good looks in this movie. Many characters think he's a lesbian.

6. The movie was directed by Dan Mazer, who usually works with Sascha Baron Cohen, from Borat and Bruno fame. That should give you a better idea of the type of humor you're getting