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Flatliners HD UV Code

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Flatliners UV Code

Great thriller; feels very modern By Oreo and Lucy on October 8, 2017

Medical student, Courtney, is still haunted by her involvement in a car accident that killed her sister years ago. She gathers a group of her friends, also medical students, to help her in an experiment to determine what occurs after death. She asks her friends to kill her and then bring her back to life while she undergoes brain scans. What she finds out is that "flatlining" is an amazing experience. Soon, her friends also want in and they want to be put under for longer and longer periods of time. The group later learns that none of this is without side effects and those who flatlined face strange occurrences.

I loved this movie. I didn't expect it to be as much of a thriller as it was. There are some truly scary parts that made me jump. The characters are all flawed, which made them that much more interesting, but they were also very likeable. I have not seen the original film so I am not sure how this one compares to that one but I can say that this story feels very modern. I didn't feel like I was watching a "remade" movie. Moviegoers who enjoy psychological thrillers will love this movie.
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