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Follow The Boys DVD Movie 1944 | George Raft | Orson Welles
Follow the Boys DVD (1944)Zoom

Follow the Boys DVD (1944)

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Synopsis: Follow the Boys DVD (1944)

This rousing film takes place during World War II, and offers a cavalcade of Hollywood stars in walk-ons and guest appearances as part of a fictional, USO-esque show. There's songs, dancing, and comedy galore -- and where else will you see Orson Welles and Marlene Dietrich perform a magic act together? World War II era musical, with a number of the studio's biggest stars making cameo appearances. Tony West ( George Raft), his sister Kitty ( Grace McDonald), and their father Nick ( Charles Grapewin) tour together as The Three Wests, a failing act just scraping by in the latter days of vaudeville.

With job opportunities drying up on the East Coast, Tony persuades the family to take their chances in California, and for once luck is with him. Not long after arriving in Hollywood, Tony is hired as a chorus boy on a musical starring Latin bombshell Vera Zorina (Gloria Vance). Cocky Tony offers Vera some much-needed advice on her dancing. She's intrigued by his confidence, and a romance blooms; soon, the two marry. Tony becomes a major star as Vera's on and off screen dancing partner, but when World War II breaks out, Tony's conscience gets the better of him. Tony is 4-F because of a bad knee, but he's ashamed to admit this, even to Vera, who thinks he's avoiding the service out of cowardice. Vera eventually gives Tony his walking papers, and desperate to show his support of our troops, Tony organizes an all-star U.S.O. revue bringing much needed entertainment to America's fighting men overseas. Follow the Boys also features guest

Actors: Follow the Boys DVD (1944)

George Raft

Vera Zorina

Jeanette MacDonald

Orson Welles

Mercury Wonder Show

Marlene Dietrich


A. Edward Sutherland

John Rawlins


Dorothy B. Hughes

Gertrude Purcell

Joe Schoenfeld

Lou Breslow

Marjorie Bowles


Al Rockett
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