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Game of Thrones Season 5 HD UV Code (GOOGLE PLAY)Zoom

Game of Thrones Season 5 HD UV Code (GOOGLE PLAY)

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Game of Thrones Season 5 HD UV Code (GOOGLE PLAY)

An Emotional Roller Coaster of an Epic Season

Yes, I can agree that the start and finish of this season feels strange and even close to disappointing. Sansa's situation, the underwhelming Dorne side of the story, the build up for Arya finally reaching the House of black and White, others parts involving from book to screen changes....and that season finale..It will rub the wrong way for many fans of the book series and the HBO series. Im not a devout fan of the book material, and Ive actually gone out and defended some changes like the Hounds fate. The season does finally pick up after the 7th episode and each one after pack an emotional punch that feel like you are constantly going up and down on a roller coaster.

After the supremely negative 6th, out of freaking nowhere, episode 7 and 8 remind you why Game of Thrones is still ONE OF THE BEST TV shows ever conceived. 7 finally pushes the narrative forward with key story elements from the novels Feast for Crows and Dance of Dragons. The 8th episode, titled "Hard Home," pushes it even more and delivered One of the best episodes of the show's entirety. Usually its the 9th episode of each season that personifies the most shocking and remembered events from the books. I'm not saying HBO changed that method. The 9th had me grinning like a kid on Christmas. However, "Hard Home was the God(s)Send the audience needed for this show. I pre-ordered a Blu-Ray copy of this season immediately after watching it on my small tablet through HBOGO. It was if the TV show runners said "you know what, were gonna show this event anyway and remind the audience of what the real threat is." Yes, this is part of the book to screen changes, but this 100% worked! The final 30 minutes of that "Hard Home" were as close as a Warcraft or Neverwinter Nights fan will ever get to see undead terror in live action format. With amazing CGI effects and stunt action, I'm so glad David Benioff and D.B. Weiss chose to have this epic scene happen. Then episode 10.... I'm not going into detail about it. I'm still trying to wrap my head on what I watched. Not to reveal too much, it's not a happy end, but more perplexing. Just watch it for yourself.

Once again, Blu-Ray is the only way to watch this amazing show. I still wished these seasons still included a DVD copy of the season so I can share with my family who still do not have aBlu-Ray player. I'm excited to watch the making of " Hard Home" and probably any other spectacular scenes of the season. If you looked hard enough, Mastodon fans, you can notice some familiar wildlings. Im always looking forward to my animated history of Westeros and Essos narrated by the shows characters as well. Also, and hopefully, there will be some character reasoning or discussion from both George R R Martin and the show creators. I doubt they will go into super detail, BUT SOME FORM OF ANSWERS WOULD BE NICE! Here's hoping the show can recover from the gut punches at the end of this season. Okay, GRRM or HBO, It's time to give us some closure.

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