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Girls Trip HD Ultraviolet UV Code

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Digital UltraViolet and Digital Copy will makes it possible for you to stream the movie Girls Trip HD Ultraviolet UV Code instantly to your computer and compatible Smartphones, Andriod, iphone, iPod Touch, iPad and tablets devices anytime, anywhere. You can also download a Digital UltraViolet Copy or a Digital Copy of the movie Girls Trip HD Ultraviolet UV Code to your computer and compatible devices.

Girls Trip HD Ultraviolet Code

Top customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 starsLaugh Out Loud Funny By Jones on August 23, 2017

Girls Trip was very over the top in places but it was also laugh out loud funny in many spots. I saw it with my sister and we had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. Is the movie raunchy sometimes? Yes. Is it vulgar sometimes? Yes. But is it also touching and sentimental at other times? Yes. And the actors are awesome, Everyone plays their role wonderfully, especially Lorenz Tate, who is so fine! Love his smile. My only question - why did Jada Pinkett-Smith have to have on those crazy looking wigs toward the end? You could tell that wasn't her natural hair - looked a mess.

I enjoyed this film. Think of the movie Hangover, Hangover 2, and Bridesmaids. Girls Trip is the same type of movie. So if you didn't care for those movies, you probably won't want to see Girls Trip. But if you can take dirty jokes and like screwball comedy, then this movie is for you.
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