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How To Be A Latin Lover iTunes Code, Buy How To Be A Latin Lover iTunes Code Cheap
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How To Be A Latin Lover HD iTunes Code

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How To Be A Latin Lover iTunes Code

5.0 out of 5 starsWe LOVED this witty movie By Allen Smalling VINE VOICE on May 13, 2017

My partner and I saw this sparkling comedy just this afternoon and I don't understand why it currently rates a mere 5.7 at IMDb. Eugenio Derbez is currently the number-one movie actor in the entire Spanish-speaking world, not just Mexico, and he has already made inroads into the USA market with his slapstick "Show del Derbez" and his 2013 movie INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED (No Se Aceptan Devoluciones), which, like this movie, was produced with both Spanish- and English speakers in mind. This American release of HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER is in English, with occasional Spanish subtitles. Fifty-four-year-old Derbez plays Max, an aging gigolo, whose wife of many years kicks him out, leaving him alone, unemployable, and untalented except for THAT.

He is forced to move in with his straight-laced sister (Selma Hayek), a workaholic with a sweet little boy to take care of (ten-year-old Rafael Alejandro). His best friend and honorary brother, played by Rob Lowe, tries to help Max find employment, but after all this is a comedy in which Max has girlie-club advertising put on his sister's Versa in order to get a quick thousand bucks, which he promptly squanders trying to crack the L.A. upper class.

While HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER has elements of UNCLE BUCK and A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, in theme and spirit it's a classic making-it-in-America comedy, more like DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. Now, if you are opposed to the idea that 'gigolo' or 'gold-digger' is not a healthy career, I'll understand, but HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER is utterly without filth. It IS brimming with bright acting, comic situations, superb plot construction -- filled with older American stars like Renee Taylor, Raquel Welch and Linda Lavin who play off younger actors like Michael Cera, Rob Riggle, and Kristen Bell. Best of all is star Eugenio Derbez, who apparently can play anything comedic whether it’s bonding with his little nephew or teaching a mixed bunch of Angelenos in Griffith Park how to Walk! Strut! and Show their stuff!

I can tell you the audience in our suburban multiplex laughed a LOT more at this than for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME TWO, and applauded more than for LA LA LAND. LATIN LOVER’s PG-13 rating comes not from bad language or sex scenes but mostly from the playful "bulge" shots of Derbez and his hunky son Vadhir, who played Max at an earlier age. Ol้! Try to catch this sleeper as soon as you can.

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