How To Be A Latin Lover HD Ultraviolet UV Code

How To Be A Latin Lover HD Ultraviolet UV Code
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How To Be A Latin Lover Ultraviolet Code

Wish I could rate more than five stars! Adult subject comedy without getting too nasty--reminds me of Billy Wilder comedies By R L Phillipson July 6, 2017

I've seen this move five times so far and laugh just as loud each time--I will probably see it more times as long as the theater has it and it isn't out yet. Like my header says the humor is really brilliant with so many funny lines flowing. Of course I love Eugenio Derbez though I had never heard of him until this movie. Love Salma Hayek as the sister who is kind of a dry humor straight woman setting up for a response laugh. And the child actor (not sure of name) is really good--Eugenio holds his own with him and they say don't make movies with either children or animals as they steal the scenes but Eugenio is wonderful! This comedy as every bit as good as the Billy Wilder comedies "Some Like It Hot", "Major and the Minor", and "Ninotchka". I have even bought other movies of Derbez to watch them.

Yes, some dialog is Spanish but with English subtitles. The quirky supporting characters are great--the frozen yogurt woman with cats, the best friend gijalo, the nephew's female school friend, the grandmother (Raquel Welch). You will laugh out loud. Yes, humor is adult but mostly implied with language like the Wilder comedies. TEN STAR