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It Ultraviolet UV Code

Top customer reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Horror film of 2017 and one of the Best Coming of Age films in recent years. By Dillon Belisle on September 15, 2017

First of all, this adaptation of Stephen King's famous novel of the same name isn't a remake of the 1990's It TV mini-series with Tim Curry; this is the first film adaptation of the novel by Stephen King. I'm a huge fan of the 1990 mini-series and still is by what they brought to the small screen back in 1990. I was going in this expecting it to be a straight horror film which it was but I was very surprised by how much more than just horror this is, it had humor, heart and straight suspense which I loved. The cast done a fantastic job, especially the kids and Pennywise himself. Bill Skarsgard has done a fantastic job portraying Pennywise the Dancing Clown, he was much different than what Tim Curry has done when he portrayed Pennywise back in 1990. Bill's version of Pennywise to me was much more creepier, scarier, intense and close to the source material than Tim Curry's Pennywise. Also when this adaptation was wanting to be bloody, gory, violent and intense, it goes there at full speed and takes advantage of it's R rating. Although the film didn't really scare me of the jump scares, the imagery was terrifying and it was very atmospheric scary. It is also is a great coming of age film similar to another Stephen King adaptation, "Stand by Me". This film really focuses on The Losers Club when they're kids which was so much different than the 1990's mini-series.

It's a shame this adaptation of It is getting quite a bit of hate and negativity from audiences. I guess one of my very few complaints about this movie was some of the CGI and the pacing but overall I thought It was one of my top favorite Stephen King film adaptations to date and It's my favorite film of 2017 so far. I highly recommend everyone to see this, especially Stephen King fans and I'm so ready for Part 2.

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