Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit DVD

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit DVD
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Synopsis : Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit DVD

"An action hero is reborn!" raves top critics about the "intense, exciting" origin story of Tom Clancy's iconic hero Jack Ryan. The thrills are non-stop as CIA recruit Ryan (Chris Pine) is caught in a dangerous web of intrigue and espionage spun between a shadowy government agent (Academy Award-Winner Kevin Costner), his unsuspecting fiancee (Keira Knightley) and a fearless Russian power broker (Kenneth Branagh).

Jack must quickly evolve from soldier to analyst to full-fledged operative to stop a devastating terrorist plot against the United States. The stakes have never been higher in this "taut, tense and terrific" thrill ride.

Cast & Crew : Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit DVD


Chris Pine

Keira Knightley

Kevin Costner


Kenneth Branagh

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