Jesus DVD

Jesus DVD
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"The Most Historically Accurate Film About The Life Of Jesus"

This DVD, the most historically accurate film ever made about the life of Jesus Christ, has been translated into more languages than any film in history (over 400) and has been seen by over one billion people in their native language. The vivid screenplay, actually shot in the Holy Land, is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke; virtually every word spoken by Jesus is drawn directly from the biblical text.

Over five years of research went into the production design, costuming and handcrafted artifacts in an effort to provide true historical authenticity. For those who desire deeper understanding, the DVD-ROM features allow for a more complete exploration into the life of Jesus Christ while providing a special "Knowing Jesus Personally" section at the end of the film that will help you apply the teachings of Jesus to your own life.

Cast & Crew Actors: Brian Deacon

Writers: Barnet Fishbein

Producers: John Heyman

Directors: Peter Sykes John Kirsch