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Joy HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code ( VUDU - Flixster - Google Play or iTUNES ) LIMITED SUPPLIESZoom

Joy HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code ( VUDU - Flixster - Google Play or iTUNES ) LIMITED SUPPLIES

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Joy HD Digital Copy Code ( VUDU or iTUNES )

Through an uplifting, although many times trying tale of an unconventional family, writer and director David O. Russell brings us the story based on Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence). The movie gets a fair amount of narration from her well-loved grandmother, Mimi (Diane Ladd) who sees through eyes of the highest regard for Joy’s inventive mindset since childhood and drive for something better in her life. While Joy may be best known for being the developer of “The Miracle Mop” due to her perseverance in the face of adversity, she strives to devise an easier way to get through a life of her own accord. This is also seen paralleled with her own family while making difficult conditions constantly better for them alzso.

Her mother, Terry (Virginia Madsen), is addicted to the soap operas she continually remains within her bedroom viewing. There is an interesting concept concerning these soaps which O. Russell adds that I thought was quite imaginative. Her father, Rudy (Robert De Niro), gets tossed yet again from another girlfriend and is dumped back at Joy’s home. Along with her young daughter, Christie and her best friend in her ex-husband, Tony (Edgar Ramirez) she is able to feel a part of this certain type of quirky family. She appears to always be the one who is adult enough to fix every problem, pay any and all bills at home which also includes keeping the financial books for her father’s business on the side.

Since childhood, Joy has been a deep thinking and inventive dynamo who can take on anything, even if it is forced upon her by circumstances of her over-reliant family; unpaid bills, shut off phones, an upscale widow who catches her father’s fancy, Trudy (Isabella Rossellini), and just about any adversity she comes up against. There does come a time when Joy has to step up her game as her new conceptual idea in another’s hands, those of Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper), who introduces her invention during the birth of the QVC Network isn’t going how she was led to believe. When it appears that all may be lost; the invention itself, her own finances, her financial backing, her good name, and the word "bankruptcy" is now being tossed around like the daily news - Joy draws the line.

In this film about the strongly creative and industrious Joy, it was easy to root for her as the main character regardless of the ensemble cast. This is Joy's story. I could feel the pull of Joy's exceptional strength and defiance in the face of giving up while Joy raises her daughter and battles her way in the face of the dog eat dog world of commerce and industry. The film spans many years as Joy's life grows quite fabulously from each and every angle. How she chooses her direction in life going forward is what I found the most absorbing part of Joy’s personal character. While she could have taken her life down many paths, what she chooses to do with it is what I found so exemplary about Joy Mangano.

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