Left Behind II Tribulation Force DVD

Left Behind II Tribulation Force DVD
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Based onitheiseries phenomenon, Left Behind.

In a moment the world has forever changed. Millions of people have suddenly vanish off the face of the earth and chaos remains. One man emerges from the madness as a brave and caring leader. His name is Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie) and to the ravaged world he represents peace, order and hope. However, ancient biblical prophecies warn about such a time, and warn about such a man. Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron), a world renowned journalist, knows Nicolae's true identity: he is the Antichrist.

Quickly, Buck and a determined group of survivors known as the Tribulation Force, realize that Nicolae's reign begins the seven year countdown to the apocalypse. Together they swear to do anything to expose the Antichrist for the monster that he is. But the world is now a different and dangerous place. Martial law is in effect. Humanity's heart grows cold. Nicolae controls every world leader and anyone opposing him is seen as an enemy of humanity - and marked for death.

Cast & Crew

Actors: Chelsea Noble Brad Johnson Clarence Gilyard, Jr. Kirk Cameron Jayaya Stephens Krista Bridges Gordon Currie

Writers: Paul Lalonde John Patus

Producers: Nicholas Tabarrok

Directors: Bill Corcoran