London Has Fallen HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

London Has Fallen HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code
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London Has Fallen HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

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London Has Fallen HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

Editorial Reviews

Gerard Butler returns as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning in London Has Fallen, the high-octane sequel to the box office smash Olympus Has Fallen. In London for the funeral of the British prime minister, the world's most powerful leaders find themselves being picked off one by one by a sinister terrorist group who are now planning to take out United States President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) next. It is up to Banning to protect the President, and secure his safe return home. Also starring Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett, London Has Fallen is an action-packed, thrill-a-minute experience.

4.0 out of 5 stars A helluva ride!

By Grimmy VINE VOICE on March 7, 2016

Format: Ultraviolet Digital Code

This movie is a hoot! As long as you're not silly enough to expect Henry V but a heart-pounding, rollicking ride on a larger scale than the prequel, you will have a blast in this Die Hard Goes to London. Butler gets you cheering and laughing out loud as he dispenses one-liners and almost gleeful punishment to terrorists.

The elitist critics panned it, of course, complaining that it was very unlike On Golden Pond or The Notebook. Plus the bad guys weren't white enough. Xenophobia, etc. If they weren't so concerned with politically correct virtue-signalling they would have realized not only are there plenty of white and whitish bad mercs in this movie, the main baddies are indeed non-white but not due to religion or necessity. They're bad because they're arms dealers who foment atrocities, who just happen to live somewhere else where drone strikes are happening. And there's the usual silly sop to these PC-obsessed critics in the form of the cliched "patriot traitor" who is helping destroy the West in order to save it (well, that and $20 million).

But these are minor quibbles for those of us who enjoy the simple pleasure of action and just desserts being served with refreshing gusto and utter lack of remorse and just a little enjoyment by Butler's road-runner Secret Service agent. Not only is he is obviously not wracked with guilt and tormented by inner demons each time he dispatches a bad guy, he seems to relish dealing out the pain, sometimes in the form of multiple stabbings. (Unlike the first movie, though, there is much less gore on display here.) And despite his seeming invulnerability he manages to keep you rooting for him as he faces down impossible odds.

As mentioned, the scale is larger than the first film, but there's also enough isolation and claustrophobia due to the plot point of comms being compromised and the sheer number of enemy combatants.

I've seen some complaints that the CGI is not up to snuff. I was looking out for it and it's nowhere near bad. Most of it is pretty convincing with the exception of some smoke effects. And there are actual explosions aplenty.

In the end, it succeeds on its own terms, and you already know if you will enjoy this movie. The question is: how much?