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Have to say this is Waayyyyyy Better than the first one. I did not care much for the first movie. This time though: It was light-hearted, and funny with lots of comedic moments, as well as some sexy and creative dance routines. Went with sisters, mom, and then went again with husband. Jada Pinkett Smith was great as the emcee, showing that all women deserve to be treated as beautiful Queens. Joe Manganiello (my fave of the bunch of guys - Alcide the werewolf from True Blood, also got a funny vampire dig at a Twilight themed routine) had a funny routine at the gas station. Andie McDowell and her older women/mom group was a lot of fun.

Then a super-sexy routine later when he found his new act. It was a "male entertainer" last ride-road trip from Tampa to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach with a few fun stops along the way. Also featuring Gabriel Iglesias, Elizabeth Banks, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Twitch from So You Think You can Dance, and Michael Strahan as well. Twitch and Channing Tatum's routine at the end was fun and sexy also. Great choreography. It was just a lot of fun for a girls night out.

But can also be watched with your significant other. Would totally buy this DVD later when it comes out. When I bought my tickets at the theater, there was another couple buying tickets to another movie. The guy said I bet you would rather go with them.

Cast & Crew


Joe Manganiello

Gabriel Iglesias

Crystal Hunt

Matt Bomer

Channing Tatum

Adam Rodriguez

Kevin Nash


Gregory Jacobs

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