Monsterfest Bela Lugosi Classics Collection Vol 1

Monsterfest Bela Lugosi Classics Collection Vol  1
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Product Description:

4 Classic Horror Movies on 2 DVD's

Digitally Re-Mastered:

The Ape Man (1943) Conducting weird scientific experiments, crazed Dr. Brewster is transformed into an ape-man. Seeking a cure, he believes an injection of human spinal fluid will help.

Devil Bat (1940) Dr. Carruthers sends giant screaming bats to kill family members of employers who betrayed him. A special perfume indicates to the bats the next victim.

The Human Monster (1939) Single men are murdered at a home for the blind. The men are linked to a life insurance company run by mysterious Dr. Orloff.

White Zombies (1932) A couple witness a zombie parade near a burial on their honeymoon in Haiti. The bride turns into a soulless zombie by a voodoo master.

Actors: Bela Lugosi