The Mountain Between Us HD UV or iTunes Code

The Mountain Between Us HD UV or iTunes Code
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The Mountain Between Us Ultraviolet or iTunes Code

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat love story By Kristina Fulgham on October 27, 2017

I think this movie is geared more for women than men, as I think may be evident from many of the reviews here. It is not a harsh or epic survivalist movie; it is a romance with some beautiful scenery and soft-core survivalist elements.

I absolutely loved it; my husband not as much. The chemistry between Elba and Winslet is so good and their falling in love is much better done than most Hollywood love affairs I see. Winslet is the headstrong, somewhat rash go-getter who wants to break through Elba's quiet exterior and Elba is the calm, strong force that keeps her grounded. You'll end up not wanting them to leave the wilderness because it is so satisfying to see how they take care of each other through it.

I'll be honest; I'm rarely moved by love stories on film because it's usually flirty, superficial and sex-driven, but what we have in this movie are two serious, down-to-earth characters trying to survive. They're not looking for a fling but instead find themselves falling in love with who each other are, as they peel back layer after layer.

It feels so true and unaffected, and Elba in particular blew me away with how much emotion he could convey. He perfectly pulls off the portrait of a man who is strong, sensible, and has fallen deeply in love in spite of himself. The closing scene of the movie moved me so much I burst into tears. This is one I'll definitely be buying.