Office Christmas Party HD iTunes Code (LIMITED SUPPLY)

Office Christmas Party HD iTunes Code (LIMITED SUPPLY)
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Office Christmas Party HD iTunes Code (LIMITED SUPPLY)

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Office Christmas Party iTunes Code


ByThe Movie Guyon December 30, 2016

Format: iTUNES Code

Zenodek in Chicago sells servers.The office is run by Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) with some help of Clay Vanstone (T.J. Miller) a people person. Clay is also the brother of the ball breaking CEO Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston). Carol has threaten the company with a 40% downsizing unless they can get profits up 12% this quarter with 2 days left. 7% is no longer good enough. "12 is the new 7" is how she puts it. They have an opportunity to save the company with one big contract and invite the buyer to their Christmas party in an attempt to seal the deal. The party gets out of hand as most of Chicago shows up.

This is another adult humor comedy. Bateman, Aniston, Miller, Kate McKinnon, and Rob Corddry can make any script a success adding their own improvisation. Add Olivia Munn for support and you have a solid cast. I had a number of laugh out loud moments.

It is a film that gets funnier as it goes along and doesn't drop off a cliff into some sad drama with a point. Kate McKinnon stole every scene she was in. While it was adult entertainment with adult language and sex talk, it wasn't teen sex comedy stupid and obscene.