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Paddington 2 HD UV or iTunes Code

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Paddington 2 UV or iTunes Code


5.0 out of 5 stars Everything a children's movie should be

Paddington is back after the amazing first movie that hit theaters back in 2014 and I gotta say I was pretty excited. Even if I'm 23, I still watch movies aimed at children and you already know what to wait on a regular Hollywood's children movie: a pretty superficial story that brings two or three laughs, a cute message and that's it.

But "Paddington 2" shows how a good children's movie should be. The sequel manages to be as enjoyable or even better than the first movie, something that doesn't happen often with movie sequels. The movie's lead character, Paddington is as cute as ever, there are some clumsy funny moments that will make you laugh but you will also find yourself feeling moved by how amazing the story is, but also manages to stay simple and yet complex for adults and kids. The cinematography is colorful, but not in your face, the performances are delightful, and the story is entertaining from beggining to end. I felt the movie was really short because I enjoyed it so much! But the best part of "Paddington 2" is that it manages to bring a deep story, you get much more than just a cute bear that finds himself often on crazy situations, but you get to understand the feelings of an animated bear, something that not even drama movies manage to bring up.

There are moments where you will laugh or almost cry, and for me it's very hard to feel moved by a movie, but I guarantee you, Paddington 2 is a memorable movie. It does deserve all the love it's deserving. Kids and adults will enjoy it, and if you watched the first movie, expect ten times of what the first movie brought us. It's worth the pre-order, and I can't wait to watch it again once the Blu-Ray is released, and of course, I can't wait for the recently confirmed "Paddington 3"!

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