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Power Rangers HD iTunes Code
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Power Rangers iTunes Code

Hardcore MMPR fan review.

By Angel_In_Black on May 15, 2017

With Power Rangers being a big part of my childhood, I wanted this movie to be good, and it didn't disappoint. I thought I'd share my thoughts. Long story short, I LOVED IT! There were problems, some things didn't happen that I wish would've happened, but all in all, this is a good movie! If you haven't seen it yet, see it! Now, there will be those who will compare it to the MCU movies and say it doesn't hold up, but I think that's unfair, because I don't think it's trying to be The Avengers, this isn't a movie universe where each character had their own solo movie leading up to this, so it's only fair to judge it by itself. People have constantly said this The Breakfast Club with superpowers, but I don't think it's copying that either. It's about 5 misfit teens dealing with life problems who under normal circumstances, wouldn't interact with each other, but as fate would have it, the stars align and BAM Power Rangers. That is honestly what I wanted from this movie, and it's what I got, so I'm happy.

I was hoping Jason was already friends with either Zack or Billy when the movie started, but that's a small let down. I was uneasy about Billy being autistic, when I heard this I was like "did they really have to do that? Is that really necessary? Can't they just make him the weird nerdy kid?" but thankfully it doesn't drag his character down, in fact I think he got as much focus as Jason. Speaking of Jason, I really enjoyed him. I really enjoyed every character, but I think Jason is my favorite, in fact I'm kinda disappointed they cut out the kiss between him and Kimberly. I know, leave the door open for Tommy, but it could've been interesting because I think they really connected. Every actor gave a great performance, and there wasn't a line where I was like "they could've said that better or they could've done a better take." Kimberly? What can I say? HOT! Trini, I like what they did with her, and I want to see more. Zack? I think he got the least focus, but he was fine, hoping they do more with him next time. The only thing I felt that came out of nowhere was the fight between him and Jason, that was kinda random and felt weird. The jokes in this movie, made me laugh! Krispy Kreme! Everytime they said that I couldn't help but laugh. And there were some emotional scenes that I really love to see characters go through. The campfire scene, when Billy "dies" and when they pass notes to each other...the feels!

My only complaints are I wish Goldar at least talked, and I think Rita needed at least one henchmen. Elizabeth Banks did a fine job, but she needed someone to bounce off of, someone to give her a headache lol. And I know they are setting up sequels, but did they really need to bring in the Zeo crystal so soon? Felt a little rushed for those who know the story behind it. Besides that, I had a great time. I smiled, I laughed, I got a little teary eyed, and I really recommend it. 47% on rotten tomatoes you say? That doesn't mean you won't like the movie. Even the most hated movie by the public has at least one fan. And I'd be a fan of this movie even if I was the only one. In fact, as much as I want sequels, even if there aren't any, I'm glad this was made, and I'm sure to return to it for years to come. Oh and the credits teaser? I saw that coming and I kinda had that idea. So if I were to grade this movie, I'd give it a 90%, an A-. Still an A, but not perfect. Here's hoping for a sequel!