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Rambo: Last Blood HD Vudu Code
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Rambo: Last Blood HD Vudu Code

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Rambo: Last Blood Vudu Code

The Boss Guy

4.0 out of 5 stars Sly's Last Hurrah as an American Army-Superhero we all loved.


1.) Rambo Last Blood 2019: Well after a long ten plus year hiatus Sly is back for we think the last time in one of his iconic roles as Sergeant John Rambo retired US Army Green Beret and Vietnam Veteran who still at his advanced age is kicking some bad guy ass in major way.

Again my review is not only of one as a franchise and action-adventure military fan, but also one whose take adds into the original character written by author David Morrell in the years following the real life horrors of the Vietnam War. The original book was an action thriller, and expose piece about the horrific mistreatment of our Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen after they came home from the brutality of the Vietnam conflict. The book was about Post Tramatic Stress, and a Soldier who was dishonored by corrupt nasty police officers in a town, only to become a vicious predator killing machine against each of those officers. The character was not really about a muscle superhero, but over the years Sly has turned the franchise into a American pop culture icon.

We are in the modern USA and Sgt John Rambo is a retired Arizona horseman who helped raise a beautiful Spanish-Mexican teenage girl who grows into a great young adult. The beauty is kidnapped by a vicious ugly drug cartel, and only John Rambo can save her. The action is of course bloody and unbelievably intense, a well earned rated R film if there ever was one. Sly sets up trap after trap, and each dumb villain falls into these death ordeals number by number until Rambo can stalk the last guy who is the drug kingpin leader.

In many ways Rambo is wish forfillment, a fictional character whose fantasy Americans love to see because Rambo has a set of laws, and methods all of his own world where he provides us the justice that many times in real life people are denied. There are a set of rules both scientific, and legal all people on this Earth have to follow, but not the Rambo character. This is an all out shoot them up, and stab them up battle feast that is the movie we should have gotten 10 plus years ago but did not.

On that level the movie does work, however the logic stream, and of course the screen writing plot development does not fully follow the character and what abilities he has. I felt the writers did not pay attention to whom the fictional John Rambo is.

For instance when Rambo goes looking for the kidnapped lady, he falls right for the crook's trap. If a character can outsmart and out muscle both the Vietcong, and all of the Russian KGB than of course he would not have fallen into the situation these loser drug gang dudes put him into. No this character is a lot smarter, and the writers should have known better. Sure having a plot where Rambo takes on modern criminals does work out okay, but not only is Rambo an enemy of all that is vile in the world, he is also a Patriotic figure who symbolizes the taking on of our real life enemies such as what the character did during the Cold War with his one man Army against Soviet Russia. I would have written a story where Rambo fights Isis or the Taliban, but either way the movie works out okay despite its very sad tone. Another area I was disappointed in was not one time is there a flashback to the Colonel Trautman character, the one man who was a link in helping the rest of the world understand who John Rambo was.

A major figure of the story who should have been referenced from past movie scenes in his memory. We also have really no continuity between this last Rambo and all the others minus this tribute credit scene, so us fans are left wondering how Rambo ended up as this man who digs tunnel traps underneath his ranch property, or how the young girl ends up in his life. B - & thumbs very mildly up for "Rambo Last Blood".

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