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Rough Night HD Ultraviolet UV Code

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Rough Night Ultraviolet Code

If Weekend at Bernies, Bridesmaids, Role Models and The Hangover had a baby, "Rough Night" would be it. Worth seeing!!! By Christmas Eve in Washington on July 4, 2017

I saw this in the theater and I had heard that it was compared to Bridesmaids (which to me was knee slappingly funny and I've seen it like 2 dozen times....). If you didn't like Bridesmaids, read no further. This is NOT the movie for you. I thought the cast was perfect in Rough Night and although it's pretty raunchy in parts I would have to say it's worth seeing. If The Hangover, Role Models, weekend at Bernie's and Bridesmaids had a baby, this would be the result. Some parts were a bit slow and predictable but overall it's well done, quite funny, meant to be taken lightly and anyone who has been to a out of hand, drunken bachelorette party will clearly relate to this.

Because of the drugs they did it was clear why they didn't call the police when the "stripper" hit his head and bled out. What they do with the body and all the ways they try to get rid of it are hysterical. The "party favor" penis glasses (the penis was the underlying theme throughout the party favors) were put to good use and I laughed out loud. I suggest you have a sleepover movie weekend and watch all the movies mentioned above... gather some friends, fill up the ice bucket, order some pizza and enjoy the time together :D Be prepared to laugh!

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