Shaun the Sheep Movie HD Ultraviolet UV Code

Shaun the Sheep Movie HD Ultraviolet UV Code
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Shaun the Sheep Movie Ultraviolet Code

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5.0 out of 5 stars Shaun the Sheep on the Big Screen By D. Davidson on August 18, 2015

When I saw the trailer I wasn't sure if the tried-and-true Shaun the Sheep format (short, funny skit-based episodes with no dialog) would translate well to a full-length film. I should have had more faith in Aardman. The movie is fun, fast-paced, never drags, and keeps you laughing throughout.

There are some fun new characters. My kids and I particularly enjoyed the new villain, A. Trumper. He is an egomaniac animal control warden with a crush on what he believes to be an attractive woman but is actually a sheep in human clothing. When I asked my kids what there favorite parts of the movie were, all of them revolved around Trumper's ridiculous antics while trying to capture the flock. There is also a lovable stray dog and a few others but Trumper stands out.

There are plenty of nods to pop culture that put a smile on my face but that my kids completely missed. Of course there is a Silence of the Lambs reference (in a dialog-free movie about lambs...). I caught a few others. The nod to Banksy was probably my favorite. Pay attention while watching because the level of detail on the sets is incredible.

The themes in the movie are positive and emphasize teamwork and family (albeit an untraditional family comprised of one human, a dog, sheep, pigs, a bull and a rooster). The ending leaves you feeling satisfied and happy. I think that I enjoyed the movie at least as much as my kids did. If you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy this movie.

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