Sleight HD iTunes Code

Sleight HD iTunes Code
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Sleight HD iTunes Code

On that Black magic tip. By D. Bakeron July 5, 2017 Format: Blu-ray Bo already lost his father, now his mother is dead, leaving him and his sister Tina alone. Now that Bo has given up his scholarship, he is selling drugs for Angelo, just to keep a roof over his and Tina's head. Bo is also a street magician, raking in dollars as extra.

One bad decision to cut the lastest shipment with baking soda has put him in Angelo's crosshairs, demanding money that he don't have. Thanks to Angelo's rivals, the money he was able to get is gone. Now, Bo must use his magics to confront Angelo and save not only himself, but Tina too. Pretty swifty movie here. Combining the hood with magic was an interesting cocktail that made the perfect drink. Totally original premise that didn't involve the everyday ghetto fare and that was a plus in my movie book.