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Suicide Squad Extended Edition HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

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Suicide Squad HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

5.0 out of 5 starsDynamic Visuals, Beautiful Soundtrack, Solid Adaptation

By Justin Heath TOP 1000 REVIEWER on August 6, 2016

More and more I am discovering a disconnect between myself and the vast majority of movie critics. I have loved a lot of movies this year that they have disliked, and that trend continues with Suicide Squad.

Some critics call it worse than Green Lantern and last year's Fantastic Four. That is where critics become haters because any person who says that is crazier than Harley Quinn. This movie is not that bad. In fact, if you are a fan, you will love it. If you do not know much about the source material or DC Comics in general, the least you will think is that it was fun. Think Guardians of the Galaxy, DC version without space or aliens. And it has an awesome soundtrack too.

The critics say both the plot is thin and overstuffed. Just there you can see that they are nitpicking. I will be honest, the plot is thin, but like the plot of some other Marvel movies aren’t? And yet, no one mentioned that. It is a great movie. In a way it kind of depends if you like DC or Marvel more. But still, if you prefer Marvel, you will think this was at the very least entertaining. There were clearly some disagreements between the director and the studio because the studio wanted a more light-hearted and funnier movie, while Ayer wanted it to be darker. It is not very well balanced and that is the reason why the movie feels choppy at times.

The first half is full of dark humor and while there is some over-exposition, it sets up the characters very well. The second half is a bit more serious, but that was necessary to add some more emotional weight to everything. Maybe it does seem gloomy at times but this movie has something Man of Steel and Batman v Superman did not - the appeal. And the main reason for that is the best thing about this movie - the characters.

They are well written and every actor nailed the role he or she played. Although you do not see much of The Joker, Leto killed it and he captivates every time he is on screen. This is matched and complimented by his bravado, psychotic, stylish and scene-stealing girl-friend, Harley-Quinn, played to a tee by the talented Aussie native, Margot Robbie. I can not wait to see more of her and Leto. Of notable mention is Jai Courtney as the dead-pan humorous and bank-robbing kleptomaniac, Captain Boomerang, whose role though restricted, is effortlessly charismatic and emotionally poignant. If you did not like him before, you will like him here, trust me. Also noteworthy is new comer Jay Hernandez as the reformed arsonist and human flame-thrower "El Diablo".

If you were worried about the PG-13 rating, stop worrying. When you see the movie, you will see that it did not need an R rating as it would probably just make it look too pretentious.

Go see it and ignore the critics. This is the best DCEU movie yet. If you are a fan, it is guaranteed that you will love it. This is a comic book film with not only an emotional hook, but an emotional canvas. An impending risk that paid off greatly. A job well done Mr. Ayer.

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