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Super Troopers 2 HD UV or iTunes Code via MA    Zoom

Super Troopers 2 HD UV or iTunes Code via MA

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Super Troopers 2 Ultraviolet Code


jww 3.0 out of 5 starsFunny little film

Super Troopers 2 manages to escape the curse of comedy sequels made several years after the original and is a funny little film and probably Broken Lizard's best since the original. Now, whether it is as good as the first one? I'm afraid I really can't say since its been so long since I've seen the original.

The film is full of the balls-to-the-wall crazy humor that the original had. There's so many jokes packed in this that one that doesn't fly is quickly replaced by that one that does. The new and returning cast is all game here, but again Kevin Heffernan steals the show as the half-crazed officer Farva. (Credit should also be given to classically trained Scottish actor Brian Cox for committing to the role of their commanding officer in this goofy flick.)

Now, this isn't is a perfect movie. As mentioned, the jokes are hit-and-miss. For instance, the second half of the opener is really funny but the first half is weird and the most awkward part of the film. As with most Broken Lizard movies there are a fair share of jokes that only appeal to teen boys or frat bros and those that were probably just funny only to the Broken Lizard guys (like the entirety of Club Dread.

Remember Club Dread? What were they thinking?!) Also, there are some jabs at Canada that were just super lazy. I'm not saying this from a PC-perspective: the jokes were super weak as jokes in general. There is a brief scene where one character says something in a stereotypical Canadian way for a very brief moment and all the cops around her laughed good-naturedly. That whole scene just felt super-forced like the creators were insisting upon themselves.

Overall, a funny film but not one you have to rush to see.

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