The 33 HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code (VUDU ONLY)

The 33 HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code (VUDU ONLY)
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The 33 HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code (VUDU ONLY)

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The 33 HD Digital Ultraviolet UV Code

How hard is it to make a real life drama about an event that the whole world knows about? How hard to make a film about a story familiar to every one and make it not simply interesting to watch but to make it mesmerizing to the audience? I'd say about as hard as granite or maybe as hard as the rocks in a Chilean mine. But Mexican born film director Patricia Riggen does just that. "The 33" is quite simply wonderful film making.

I am sure you remember the true life events depicted in the movie. A cave-in in a deep rock mine in Chile trapped 33 miners deep underground. They remained trapped for 69 days. The whole world watched and waited along with the loved ones of the miners, hoping and praying for a successful rescue. While still underground the miners themselves agreed with one another to produce a single voice to the world after rescue and to share equally in any proceeds. The men knew that they would be famous. The book on their trials, "Deep Down Dark" became the basis of the film. In spite of five different pens having a share in the script the power of the story comes through in the movie. We get to know several of the miners well enough to root for their rescue. One poor guy, the real life Carlos Mamani, was a Bolivian, a foreigner and an Indian, separated by nationality and race and on his first day on the job, friendless and utterly alone.

Others among the miners included an alcoholic who could just barely function, a young new father, a Christian who served as the spiritual hub for the trapped men and their leader who became known as 'Super' Mario. Even though we know the outcome, we sit enthralled as they struggle to survive starvation and madness deep beneath the earth.