The Good Dinosaur HD Digital Copy Code (VUDU)

The Good Dinosaur HD Digital Copy Code (VUDU)
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The Good Dinosaur HD Digital Copy Code (VUDU)

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The Good Dinosaur HD Digital Copy Code

I am writing a review because I have seen some negative reviews that I just couldn't ignore. Some people are upset that humans in this movie are walking on all fours. The boy walked on all fours because he had been lost from his family. He was raised in nature. If you were raised outdoors, I highly doubt you would be standing upright and have appropriate dinner etiquette. It's kind of like Tarzan, The Jungle Book, etc.

It's also dated back to when the dinosaurs would have been extinct so yes, cavemen did not act in the same manner as humans do today. It's called evolution. My son loved it and I felt that it was more than appropriate for children. The only part that I have seen people question that may make sense is the scene with the poisonous berries. My 4 year old did not find that inappropriate just as I did not find Alice in the Wonderland inappropriate as a child.

I later on as a teenage began to realize the other side of that story. This is not any different. This movie was emotional for me as an adult. I cried at least 3 or 4 times. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I became attached to the characters and was so deeply involved with the events in their life that I was sympathizing with them throughout the movie. I've seen some people say it's not a groundbreaking storyline such as Frozen, well honestly I loved this movie more than Frozen. That's just me though. I could also be a little biased due to the fact it is a dinosaur movie and my son is a dinosaur expert.

Our lives revolve around dinosaurs at home. :) We will definitely purchase this movie as soon as it is released. It really was a wonderful movie and I believe the writers did an exceptional job creating a bond between the characters and the audience. It will make you cry though. If it doesn't, you don't have a heart.