The Lone Ranger DVD

The Lone Ranger DVD
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Synopsis: The Lone Ranger DVD

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5.0 out of 5 stars A STUNNING PRODUCTION July 8, 2013 By Dennis P. Anderson Format:Blu-ray I grew up with "The Lone Ranger" and even met Clayton Moore during a promotional tour in the mid 1950s. I was afraid Hollywood might have screwed this all up. "The Lone Ranger" production is a creative, respectful, and cared for tour de force. Despite some of the Amazon reviewers who did not like the film, the acting, locations, script, and direction are all over the top. The use of humor is well selected and is NOT disrespectful to the television show.

This film is quite special and well worth seeing and owning. Hans Zimmer has created another fabulous score. Some of the comments by critics in the newspapers are living proof that these are critics without an ability to relate to the tradition of these two characters. How tragic. I walked out of the theatre feeling I got my money's worth and as you know, that is rarely a typical reaction these days. Unlike some of the critics, I could care less that Depp is not a native American.

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