The Mummy 2017 HD iTunes Code

The Mummy 2017 HD iTunes Code
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The Mummy 2017 iTunes Code

Enjoy the movie for what it is. By Mid weston June 10, 2017

Look this was never supposed to be great cinema. If that's what you're looking for go see/buy some heavy or wait for Dunkirk to come out. But if you want to see a fun popcorn movie.that's flashy,entertaining and a fun way to spend an afternoon then see this move. Now it's not perfect. I have two complaints.

One is this is not a horror movie in the slightest. Then, though, thinking of the original (the black and white) I'm not sure that really qualified either. No, this movie has much more in common with the more recent version than the original. Both were action/adventure that happened to have a mummy or a creature calling itself a mummy as the villain. There was lot of action. The other is Cruise's sidekick. (minor spoilers) Yea he died! Boo he's back as a ghost. American Werewolf in London did it better in every way. Good notes-I liked Russell Crowe's character a lot.

I'd like to know more about the monster hunting organization he is in charge of. I look forward to future Dark Universe movies and hope this one doesn't put a kibosh on these. I want a decent Wolfman movie and not that piece of dull crap with Anthony Hopkins. Have some fun. Go see the movie and don't analyze it all that closely. Remember-summer movie. Not that deep.