With A Song In My Heart DVD

With A Song In My Heart DVD
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"Susan Hayward is absolutely sensational" (L.A. Examiner) in this "enchanting" (Citizen-News) musical retelling of the extraordinary life of 1940s songstress Jane Froman. Packed with unforgettable tunes and an incredible cast, this heartwarming story of personal tragedy and triumphant recovery isn't just "vibrant, exciting and enormously entertaining" (The Hollywood Reporter), it's "a soul-stirring experience" (Citizen-News)! Known for a voice with the power to move millions and a heart to match, Jane Froman (Hayward) is one of America's most beloved singers. But when an overseas flight crashes off the coast of Lisbon, Portugal, she barely survives the wreck. Ripped from the spotlight into a series of life-threatening operations, hope seems a distant memory for Froman as she sets out on a journey of recovery that's more than heroic; it's what music is made of!

Cast & Crew

Actors: Robert Wagner Susan Hayward Max Showalter Thelma Ritter Una Merkel Helen Westcott David Wayne Rory Calhoun Richard Allan

Writers: Lamar Trotti

Producers: Lamar Trotti

Directors: Walter Lang